Sunday, May 27, 2012

Something You Never Knew

There is something that most of my friends from my childhood and possibly throughout my later years don’t know about me.  I am a nerd.  In fact, I always have been.  When I was little I loved comic books.  My favorite was the Archie series with Veronica and Betty always vying for Archie’s affections, while Reggie, Jughead and the rest of the gang filled in the storylines with all the angst driven times of high school. 
I also have the complete Johnny Quest series. It was about a boy named Johnny Quest, who along with his friend Hadji, dog Bandit, Johnny’s scientist father Dr. Benton Quest, and bodyguard/pilot Race Bannon, investigated strange occurrences throughout the world. 
Add to the comic books an early interest in reading and musicals and you have my early nerdom well in hand.  To this day, if you look at my favorite TV shows you’ll see Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Torchwood and NCIS.  Okay maybe NCIS isn’t a nerd show, but I do love me the forensic science they use, oh to be Abby Sciuto. 
Seriously, ask me anything.  Fantastic.  Allons-y, Allonso.  Geronimo.  Bow ties are cool.  What?  What?  The game is afoot. 
See Nerd.
The other day a friend said she didn’t like playing on line games with me because I always win.   That’s because while you all were out at the disco’s I was playing Dungeons and Dragons.  And while you were out playing toss with your kids I was playing Intellivision and Atari with my son. 
A couple years ago when Daniel moved home for awhile the new Uncharted Drake’s Fortune game came out.  Kirk would come home and I would be curled up on the bed as my son sat at his desk playing and I would be yelling, “Behind you, a treasure, right there behind you.”
It’s a standing joke among the immediate family members that we embrace our nerdom. 
So, as much as I would like to come up with a big finish for this article, there is a book calling my name. I told Kirk I was taking a personal day, no laundry or toilet cleaning today. The crusades, secret order and mystery calls as I will be revisiting Raymond Khoury’s The Last Templar.