Friday, November 6, 2009

"I'll have the Creme Brulee."

Last week the girls and I were meeting for dinner at our usual spot. As we approached the front of the restaurant we noticed the chalkboard announcing the specials for the night. Salmon in a butter sauce with asparagus, beef tenderloin kabobs in teriyaki sauce, tomato basil soup and the appetizer of the evening was loaded nachos. All made our mouths water, but what caught my eye was written at the bottom. So small that it looked like the chef had added it as an afterthought – Egg Nog Crème Brulee. Now some people don’t like the custardy dessert, but I have to admit I am a connoisseur when it comes to this delicious confection. I like all Crème Brule, chocolate, peach, plain, and my all time favorite white chocolate with raspberry. See your mouths are watering already.

I followed the group into the seating area and perused the menu. However, somewhere in the back of my mind the nagging sensation lurked that the decision had been made. As usual we spent the first few minutes ordering our drinks and catching up with the news. How are the kids? What’s your crazy Mother up to? You know the typical girl talk for us over fifty crowd.

The waiter stepped up to the table and started writing. Two salmon specials, one Philly cheese steak, one order of wings with fries and then he came to me. I paused and looked around the table at my friends. In the last year we had all reached that half-century mark and had let many of the limitations from our youth fall by the wayside. Was I secure enough with these friends to take the chance? I knew that if I had a full dinner I would never get dessert. Usually I only order desert when my husband is with me and I can take two bites leaving him the remainder. So I took the chance….. “I’ll have the Crème bruele”, I said.

“And for your dinner?”

“Just the Crème bruele for now and coffee with a shot of Bailey’s on the side. If I’m still hungry I’ll get an appetizer.” I answered. The table grew quiet.

“Let me get this right. You just want dessert.” I could see he was judging me and by the looks on my friend’s faces they concurred with his sentiments.

“Yes, that would be wonderful.”

“Okay,” the man looked at me and jotted down the item.

Slowly it finally dawned on my friends. “Can I change my order?” the first asked the waiter.

The waiter just smiled. He knew what was coming.

“Will that be four Crème Brule’s and four coffees with Bailey’s?”

“Actually,” one friend said, “I’d like the chocolate fusion.” She read aloud the description from the menu. “A scoop of vanilla bean ice cream over a hot brownie with molten chocolate streaming down the sides.” She paused and smiled, “and a coffee with Bailey’s.”

The waiter walked away muttering under his breath as the five of us burst out laughing. But when the dinner arrived, we all enjoyed our “meals”. And the coffee and Bailey’s on the side.

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