Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I blame Tiger Woods for my new haircut.

I tend to get overly emotional about things. Here's the problem. I am the eternal optimist. That's right. I trust. It started with John Edwards. I believed in him, I spoke up for him, and when the news hit, I defended him. "Come on...There's no way those rag mags are telling the truth. Did you see him standing beside his wife? They're Kirk and I, childhood sweethearts that stuck together through thick or thin, good times and bad." I was convinced it was a right wing conspiracy to bring down a good man. WRONG!!! You think I'd learn. Next, there was the kid in the balloon. Again, I imagined the kid had been so upset that he caused the situation of the balloon getting away that he'd hidden from the family, scaring those poor parents, while the world watched. But no, the people involved had conspired to use the child to get on a, wait for it, reality show. I put the event behind me and refused to be one of those people that only saw the worst in people.

BUT THEN TIGER!!!! For years we've known about pro athletes and their voracious need for living life outside the moral compasses. Kobe, Norman, Daly, ARod, we read the stories and watched the dramas unfold. But Tiger was different. He led us to believe that he was a good man. The champion, the NIKE man. People complained about his attitude early in his career. I said, "He's so young, give him time." Or "It's not arrogance, it's confidence." I've seen the man up close. I've watched him interact with his family, and if what I saw was an act then give the man the Oscar.

I don't hold these men up to higher standards because they are in the public eye. They are human, they have the right to screw up just like any of us. But I do hold them to the same standards of all humans,"TREAT OTHERS AS YOU YOURSELF WANT TO BE TREATED" and "LOVE YOUR FAMILY ABOVE ALL OTHERS."

Now on to the haircut. I was pissed. I'd again told everyone I knew that it was the media that takes a little thing like a car accident and makes it news. I blame the whole world who seems to put these people up on pedestals but revels in their downfall. People who smugly say, "I always knew..."

SO... I was getting a hair trim the day the ninth lovely young lady that thought it was okay to have sex with a married man and then grab those fifteen minutes appeared on scene. As I sat in the chair, I told Allison I need a change. I needed to leave the store different than when I came in. I needed a drastic change to set my spirt right.

Hair grows back right? It looks okay, and it will take some time, but in a few months it'll be back to normal. Right?

I'll still look for the good in people and I'll still be shocked and disappointed. But it's the only way I know how to be true to myself. I look for the good and I still believe there's more good in people than we hear. It's just not news.

One last thing...I was at a tournament in Louisville Kentucky and was watching Justin Leonard putt. A young woman next to me was talking and I overheard her say to her friend that he was hot...First Justin is adorable, but hot??? Anyway I leaned over and pointed out his new bride who was walking along the ropes. "Too bad," I said, "You just missed out, he's married."
The woman looked over at my daughter and I and said, "I'd still do him."

Two points...

First, women need to protect and support other women. Rockers, men in sports, in fact any famous or for that matter non famous person who is married, that's a hands off, back off and find your own..

Secondly, our girls need to be taught self esteem. Having sex with someone famous doesn't benefit the woman on any level.

I think that's it for today, but instead of a blog I think you got a rant!!!!!

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