Saturday, June 23, 2012

It Was Wonderful to See You!

It was the fourth of three outfits I’d tried on.
“That’s cute,” my mom said.
“I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard.”
She smiled.
“Should I wear my hair straight? Or curly?”
“Curly,” Mom said. 
“I wish I didn’t have to wear these damn glasses.”
“I’m sure most people your age have them.”
Outfit on, hair and make-up done.  One last check of Facebook on my friend Mel’s page to make sure the event was still on, then head out to the impromptu class reunion.
I walked in not knowing what to expect.  It had been over 35 years since I had last seen many of the people who had RSVP’d to the event.    I stepped up to the bar and looked around and recognized NO ONE!!! 
“Are you with the class reunion?” The bartender asked.
“Yeah,” I replied, ready to turn and run.
“They are on the other side.”
A deep breath escapes my body.  I round the bar and there they are, the faces from my past.  We’ve changed, but in their eyes I see the boys and girls of my youth.
I make the rounds.  I hear the stories; the marriages, the kids, the divorces and the deaths.  We reminisce about the good times and the bad.  We talk about the classmates we’ve lost, all too young.
Each person had a story, the story of their life.  Each was unique, but there was always that underlying similarity.  We’d grown older.  We’d lived our lives.  We’d struggled, we’d failed, we’d succeeded and we’d survived. 
It was wonderful catching up, but so hard to get around to everyone.  My best friend from childhood was there with her new husband, as was my favorite cousin who was a year behind me all through school.  Close friends and passing acquaintances filled the outdoor area.  
Someone thought to bring a yearbook and a couple of times I had to put the name to the face from the pages of the chronicles of our youth.
Laughter filled the night as we reminisced about our past and chatted about our future. 
It was late when I got home after dropping two of the girl’s at their hotel. 
“So did you have fun?” A voice came from the darkness of my mother’s room.
“I did,” I said.  “You know how sometimes you don’t see someone for years and then when you get together it feels like yesterday?”
“That’s how it was.”
I’m so glad we took the opportunity to gather together. 
Life is short and every aspect of our life is important. 
We can’t have a future without celebrating our past.
 So, to all my friends that came out, it was wonderful seeing you and let’s not make it so long between get-together’s.  

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