Monday, February 7, 2011

I’m fully loaded

It used to be that when I went to the grocery I just had to grab my purse and go. There was no thought as to what other necessities would accompany me on my adventure. Now it seems that I pack as if going on a long trip.

I grab my reusable shopping bags (don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk). Then comes my iPod. As much as I don’t take pleasure in modern technology, I do enjoy having my own play list plugged into the radio jack as I run my weekly errands. It’s always good to start the morning with Brad, Toby, Kenny and Martina. (All country, look them up). Next, I make a travel cup of coffee. I bought this really nifty mug that has a top on it that resembles the ones you get at those high priced coffee shops but has paid for itself in one week’s savings. Sometimes I grab my OSU (OH-IO) tumbler with lid and fill it with soda so I’m not driving through and wasting another couple bucks on a drink I can make at home.

I head to my car, arms full of bags, drinks, music, shirts for the cleaners, and purse. I pack the car. Back seat, shirts and bags. Front, coffee or drink in holder, plug jack in, purse on passenger’s seat. Adjust mirror as the kid had the car last night and nothing is where it should be. Reach to turn on car and remember that the keys are on the counter in the kitchen next to the coffee maker.

Once the keys have been retrieved, I’m out the door. On my way, I think back to those wonderful less complex times when a set of keys and a purse were all I needed for the shopping experience. But as Kenny serenades me with, “Have another beer in Mexico”, it just feels right.

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