Monday, February 14, 2011

What do you see?

I was looking in the mirror today and was surprised with the reflection looking back.

When I look out at the world through my eyes, I look out through the eyes of a teenager who loved sports. I see the girl that loved to ride her bike around town with friends, who enjoyed being out all day, but remembered the five o’clock curfew to be in the house and washed up for dinner. I see the high school girl who dated the assortment of guys, searching for that special someone. Who found that person my junior year, but took a few years to realize how extraordinary that relationship was. I see the young mother, scrambling to make sure the family was happy and healthy. That each child got his or her equal shares of kisses and hugs. I see a young woman working hard when necessary and playing hard as much as possible, planning trips, making memories.

I look out through the eyes of a young woman who laid her head down on her Father’s chest the night before he passed and whispered, ”I Love You”. I look out and see the hurt that comes with losing that one person that has been a constant in your life.

I look out and see all those people, the girl, the young woman, the mother and wife. But what do you see? Perhaps a slightly overweight older woman with laugh lines that have turned into wrinkles, with grey roots framing her face.

It's okay. I’m happy with my journey. But now you know that what you see is not all there is...and all there is is wonderful.

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